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Ecomark - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

The Indian government has launched the Ecomark program which allows environmental-friendly products to be labeled. A product to be conferred Ecomark should satisfy the condition that it has a low environmental impact during manufacture and/or usage. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is in charge of implementing the scheme. The BIS awards the Ecomark certification to products that meet the set of eco-friendly standards.

Ecomark is provided with environmentally friendly products. An Ecomark product ensures that it causes little harm to people and the environment. Under the Ecomark scheme, the Government of India has notified products like soaps and detergents, food items, paper, lubricating oils, architectural paints, and powder coatings, packaging materials/package, batteries, food additives, electrical and electronic goods, wood substitutes, cosmetics, aerosols and propellants, textiles, plastic products, fire-extinguisher, leather, and coir and coir products to be given Ecomark.

Getting Ecomark certificate is voluntary. However, ordinary citizens and concerned industrial sectors should apply for this to participate in the greater good of the environment.


Objectives of Ecomark

The Ecomark scheme is run on a nationwide level and provides certification and labeling for household and other consumer products that meet specific environmental criteria as well as quality requirements outlined in applicable Indian Standards.

  • To raise customer awareness about the importance of decreasing environmental effects.
  • To encourage corporations to take meaningful steps to decrease their products' negative environmental impact.
  • To help consumers become more environmentally conscious by buying environmental-friendly products.
  • To encourage citizens to purchase products that have a less detrimental environmental effect.
  • To improve environmental quality and support resource management that is sustainable.

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Ecomark - Get Expert Advice

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Ecomark Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses that have received the Ecomark will take advantage of the following benefits: • Sustainable development and efficiency can be encouraged at all levels securing Ecomark accreditation. • Consumers will be aware that the producer is adhering to environmental requirements by seeing the Ecomark label on the products. • Manufacturers and importers are given a financial incentive to lessen their products' environmental impact. • Companies who take genuine steps to decrease their products' negative environmental impact are rewarded by the government. • Consumers are urged to buy things that have fewer negative environmental consequences. • Companies that wish to market their products and services to countries that are concerned with environmental label applications will have an edge with Ecomark.
The following are the major criteria that companies must fulfill while getting Ecomark for their products: • In terms of manufacture, use, and disposal, the products pose a far lower risk of environmental pollution. • Products are recycled, recyclable, made from recycled products, or biodegradable. • Products contribute significantly to the conservation of non-renewable resources, such as non-renewable energy sources and natural resources. • Environment-friendly products are created, utilized, or disposed of in a way that greatly lessens the harm they might otherwise bring to the environment.
BIS will assess the product for the Ecomark and certify it to issue the Mark. Renewal, suspension, and revocation of the license are all handled by BIS. Products that are certified to be eligible for the Ecomark are granted a license to use the Ecomark for a set length of time before being reviewed. The certification is awarded for one year after which it has to be renewed.
Ecomark certification can be applied both online and offline. If you want to apply for an online Ecomark certificate then Credence Corporate Solutions will be pleased to help you. Our team of highly qualified professionals will help you in receiving Ecomark for your product through the online procedure.

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Get Free Consultation on Ecomark

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