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Every owner of a trademark has the legal right to sell, transfer, license, or otherwise dispose of its brand or trademark.

A trademark assignment is a procedure of shifting the right and ownership of a trademark to another entity. A brand or trademark owner might transfer his or her rights by assignment or license to another company. The Trade Marks Act, 1999 of India governs trademark assignment and licensing.

The trademark is assigned when the owner's right, title, values, and interest in the trademark are transferred. A trademark assignment agreement can be used to transfer a trademark. A trademark assignment is a written document that aids in the transfer of words, phrases, logos, symbols, monograms, or designs from the original owner to the one he wants to transfer.

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A trademark assignment is the transfer of the owner's title, right, value, and interest in the trademark to another owner. A trademark assignment is defined as a written deal made by the parties involved.

Section 37 of the Trademark Act of 1999 defines trademark assignment as an assignment of the owner's right and title to another entity. The provisions covering trademark assignment and transmission are included in sections 37 to 45 of the Trademarks Act, 1999, as well as rules 68 to 79 of the rules of the trademarks.

The original owner of the trademark is referred to as "the assignor," while the one to whom it has been transferred is referred to as "the assignee."

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Trademark Assignment Online In India Frequently Asked Questions

The assignment of a trademark happens when ownership of the mark as such is transferred from one party to another. In the event of a registered trademark, such transfer must be documented in the Trademark Register. Types of trademark assignment include the following: Complete Assignment: In this type of assignment, the trademark owner transfers all their rights to another entity. Partially Assignment: The ownership is transferred to another entity in terms of limited items or services. Assignment with Goodwill: In this type of assignment, the owner transfers all the rights and value of a trademark linked with the product. Assignment Without Goodwill: In this type of transfer, the owner restricts the buyer's rights and values and does not allow them to use the goodwill of the brand.
In the case of registered trademarks, the Trade Mark Act 1999 imposes specific restrictions on the assignment of a registered trademark. These are: • Restriction on the assignment that results in the formation of exclusive rights in more than one person for the same products or services, the same description of goods or services, etc. • Restriction on assignment, resulting in multiple people utilizing the trademark in different parts of the country at the same time. • Restriction on trademark assignment that results in the formation of selected rights for several people about similar goods or services.
There are certain advantages associated with trademark assignment. They are as follows: • The trademark assignment allows the assignee to cash in on the value of his product or service. • A trademark assignment allows the trademark owner to receive the rights to an already existing brand. • The trademark assignment allows both the assignor and the assignee to take forward their businesses. • In the event of a disagreement, the trademark assignment agreement allows the assignor or assignee to put in place legal rights.
The following are the prerequisites for trademark assignment: • The assignment of a trademark should be in writing. • The assignment must include two identifiable parties - an assignor and an assignee. • The assignor should have the intent and consent to assign the trademark.
Trademark assignment agreement involves a systematic procedure. The following is the procedure for trademark assignment: • The initial stage of assignment is to apply to trademark assignment, either by the assignee or the assignor, or both. • The application should include all of the facts of the transfer and be submitted on form TM-P, as specified in Rule 75 of the Trademark Rules 2017. • Once the application is ready, it should be filed with the trademark registrar. It must be completed within three months of the proprietorship acquisition. • In case of a trademark assignment with goodwill or of a registered trademark, the Registrar of Trademark must issue a directive before the trademark's expiry date of three months. • The Registrar will define how the trademark assignment will be advertised. • Following that, the applicant must create the appropriate advertisement. A copy of the advertising, as well as a copy of the Registrar's direction, should be submitted. • After reviewing all of the evidence, the Registrar will legally transfer the trademark from the original owner to the new owner. • The Assignee's name, i.e., the new owner, must be entered into the register as a new proprietor. • Following that, the assignee may use the trademark by the terms of the agreement.
The following papers are necessary for trademark assignment: • Agreement of trademark assignment • Certificate of trademark • Assignor's NOC • Assignor and assignee's identified documents.

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