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State Food License Registration Online In India - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

FSSAI State Food License is required for medium size food businesses such as manufacturers, storage facilities, retailers, transporters, distributors, marketers, etc.

The state government issues this license and to get it, you need to operate your business in a single state only. To be precise, according to FSSAI, those food business operators whose annual turnover is more than 12 lakhs and up to 20 crores have to get the state license before starting their business. The license once obtained is valid for a maximum of 5 years and the minimum period up to which it should be used is 1 year.

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Any entrepreneur who wishes to start a food business must apply for a FSSAI license. Small and medium manufacturers, retailers, distributors, marketers, etc., involved in the food business and related activities in the food industry are required to acquire the FSSAI State Food License.

The FSSAI oversees the business operations and is responsible for issuing the FSSAI license to the food business operators.

To obtain this license, the food business operator must operate in only one state. This license is valid for all food business operators with an annual turnover of INR 12 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs trading within India. This license is valid for five years with a minimum period of 1-year validity.

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State Food License - Get Expert Advice

State Food License - Get Expert Advice

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State Food License Registration Online In India Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers, storehouses, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc who are engaged in the food industry are required to get an FSSAI State Food License. The relevant state authorities in each state issue this license. Before starting the food business, one must ensure that the products used in the food business are not harmful in any way. We all know that food is a very sensitive issue as it directly affects health. All you need to check is whether you are eligible for a basic license, a state license or a central license. Depending on the eligibility, Food Business operators may fall under the state license.
• Dairy units including milk-chilling units that are equipped to handle and process • Units processing vegetable oil and units that produce vegetable oil by the process of solvent extraction and refineries including oil expeller unit • All slaughtering units • Meat processing units • Food processing units, which include relabellers and repackers • Proprietary foods • Restaurant. • Hotels
The documents that a food business operator require to apply for a state food license are- • Form-B properly completed and signed by the proprietor • Blueprint or layout of the area location • Directors’ contact details • List and details of the types of equipment and machinery • Photo ID of the Proprietor and address proof issued by the Government of India. • Food category list that has to be manufactured • Authority letter with the name and address of the responsible person • Proof of possession of premises • Partnership affidavit of proprietorship • NOC and Copy of License from the manufacturer • Food Safety Management System Plan or certificate
Food business operators enjoy several advantages of acquiring a food license: • Recognition: The food license and logo create awareness and brand recognition among consumers and the public in general. • Boost credibility: A legal food license allows businesses at any level to improve and enhance their credibility. • Secures Customer Building: The FSSAI logo helps in attracting customers to the business. • Competitive advantage: Food business operators holding an FSSAI license have a competitive advantage over their competitors operating in the same market. • Maintains Food Safety: It ensures food safety, health and hygiene. • Expansion and diversification: By holding an FSSAI license, you can be sure of expanding and diversifying your business.

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Get Free Consultation on State Food License

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