ISO 10002 Certification

ISO 10002 Certification

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ISO 10002 Certification - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

ISO 10002 is an international standard for customer satisfaction. It is specially designed for handling complaints of customers. Implementing a complaints handling system using ISO 10002 will assist you to turn unhappy clients into satisfied ones and use their input to improve the experience of future clients. The complaints management system is one of the essential prerequisites for any business that would like to become and remain successful.

The ISO 10002 standard aims to offer the management controls and methods that assist you to handle client grievances more effectively and efficiently, ensuring that more clients are satisfied with the service you offer. It offers assistance on the process of complaints handling associated with products within an organization, including design, planning, operation, improvement, and maintenance. ISO 10002 is not related to disputes referred for resolution outside the organization or for employment-related disagreements.

Following are the aspects of complaints handling that is addressed by ISO 10002

  • Enhancing client satisfaction by creating a client-centered environment that is open to feedback, resolving any grievances received and enhancing the ability of the organization to develop its product and customer service.
  • Involvement and commitment of top management through sufficient acquisition and use of resources, including personnel training.
  • Addressing and identifying and the expectations and needs of complainants.
  • Offering complainants with an open, effective, and easy-to-use complaints method.
  • Examining and assessing grievances to improve the product and client service quality.
  • Evaluation of the complaints-handling process.
  • Reviewing the viability and effectiveness of the complaints-handling system.

Benefits of ISO 10002 certification

ISO 10002 certification will offer your organization a high-quality and reliable complaint management process which will include the characteristics such as, visibility, responsiveness accessibility, objectivity,   customer-focused approach, confidentiality, continual improvement, and accountability. Apart from this ISO certification also come with several other benefits which are as follows:

  • ISO 10002 certification allows you to receive information on new opportunities.
  • It offers you guidance for putting in place your own complaints management system.
  • It allows you to identify sectors in your business where you can improve and therewith remove the causes of complaints.
  • ISO 10002 certification outlines management controls and ways that assist you to handle customer grievances more effectively and efficiently.
  • Resolve more complaints by implementing a more customer-focused approach.
  • Employ staff with new client service training opportunities.
  • To improve overall efficiency, put together ISO 10002 with ISO 9001.
  • Monitor and constantly improve your complaints handling system.

ISO 10002 Certification - Get Expert Advice

ISO 10002 Certification - Get Expert Advice

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ISO 10002 Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the 5 key elements of the effective complaints management process: Well-defined customer complaint policy: You must have a well-defined customer complaint policy to deal with various customer grievances. Standardized Complaints Management system: To ensure that everyone follows the same methods and procedures to manage client complaints efficiently, the complaints management should be aligned in a standardized way. Assigning Responsibilities: Assigning responsibilities properly is one of the key aspects that add to the success of a complaint management process. Training and Development: Training and development requirements must be evaluated and analyzed carefully to guarantee that the complaints management team answers to customer feedback, queries, and complaints with the most appropriate and relevant answers. Reporting and Tracking: Right tracking and reporting system will allow you to understand whether the analysis and review process that has been set is working well.
ISO 10002 registrations can be done online. If you are related to the food industry and looking for an online registration then Credence Corporate Solutions can help you. Our professional experts process the application thoroughly at every stage from right from submission to completion, to ensure that ISO registration is completed as quickly as possible. The process for ISO registration is: • Gap Analysis • Establishment of ISO 10002 documentation • Attend ISO10002 training • Implementation of ISO 10002 system • Arrange an internal audit • External ISO 10002 audit by Certification Body
ISO Registration requires applicants to submit certain documents which are as follows: • Copy of PAN Card • Passport size photograph • Aadhaar Card or Voter identity card copy • Two copies of sales bill or purchase bill

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Get Free Consultation on ISO 10002 Certification

Get Free Consultation on ISO 10002 Certification

+91-9910606389, 18001236389

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