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Producer Company is considered to be the body corporate that is having an object which belongs to various factors. Such factors are harvesting, production, grading, procurement, handling, pooling, selling, marketing, and much more. Basically 10 or more primary producers are mainly needed to form a producer company. Less than 2 persons could never get it registered when dealing with the private company. Maximum members can exceed 50 and the maximum number of directors can be 5.

We know that the economy of India is based on agricultural activities; without a doubt, more than 60% of the population depends on agricultural activities to run their life. Still, many producers and farmers also experience a lot of difficulties and struggles in India. To overcome all the problems, the government of India takes some action like it sets some expert committee and led by Y.K. Alagh.  It is the most effective choice, which is mainly developed to help people.

In 2002, they introduced the producer company’s concept, which takes a considerable part in the Indian economy. It has helped primary producers, which allows them to gain access to input, credit, and production technology. A producer company is a legally recognized body of farmers or agriculturists, and this also comes intending to improve the standard of living. At the same time, this also helps to ensure a good status of available profitability, support, incomes, etc.

Advantages Of Producer Companies:

Producer Company can be formed under the company’s act 1956, and ten individuals created it. The main objectives include procurement production harvesting grading pooling, handling marketing selling, or it depends on the export of the primary producers of the members or services for their benefit, etc.

The producer company was mainly developed to facilitate the formation of the cooperative business even this also making it possible to convert the presented co-operative business into companies.  Even these kinds of objects given under section 581b according to that, the things of the producer company also relate to all  or it can be based  on following matters, namely

  • Pooling,
  • Handling,
  • Marketing,
  • Production,
  • Harvesting,
  • Procurement,
  • Grading,
  • Selling

Pre Incorporation Checklist:

 Overall, the export of primary production or import of service or goods will benefit more. In general, the producer company also focuses on various factors. First of all, it can also carry on any of the activities specified in this section either by itself or set by another institution.

Processing also includes

  • Brewing,
  • Vinting,
  • Preserving,
  • Drying,
  • Distilling,
  • Canning,
  • Packaging etc.

 This will provide education on the mutual assistance by the way the members and others get excellent knowledge as well as skills. The rendering of technical services, consultancy services, development, and many other activities also take place to promote the interests based on its members.

Producer Of The Formation:

 On the other hand, the generation, transmission, distribution of power, and other factors are also relatable to primary produce. They are promoting techniques of mutuality even the mutual assistance also available.

Welfare measures or facilities are also available to offer a great range of benefits to the members, which the board may decide.  Everything was taken under the proper guidance, and the activity, ancillary or incidental to refer to in clauses (a) to (i) or any other activities that may promote the principles of mutuality or the activities that can promote mutual assistance amongst the members in a different way. Overall, the financing of procurement is also related to it. Marketing or many activities specified in clauses (a) to (j) include extending of credit facilities even this is also based on any other financial services to its members.

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Producer Company - Get Expert Advice

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Producer Company Registration Online Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, it takes around 15-20 working days for Registration of Private Limited Company after completion of the all above requirements
First of all, there is no limit for a maximum number of members, even fiscal and other concessions, licenses, benefits also granted to the inter-state co-operative society under any law. Even the board of Producer Company also engages professionals to manage its affairs professionally.
• Photograph of all directors • Proof of registered office address • Pan Card of all directors • Address proof of directors • Residence proof of directors • Bank statement for last three month
The income tax act, 1961 under section 10(1) exempts agricultural income. Still, the income tax act does not specify specific tax benefits, but the users will get certain tax benefits and exemptions.
In general, it takes around 15-20 working days to register the private limited company. It would help if you waited two to three weeks after completion of all the requirements.

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Get Free Consultation on Producer Company

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