Society Registration

Society Registration

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Society Registration - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

A Society is a group of people who come together to discuss, govern, and act cooperatively for a common good. Societies are typically formed to support charitable activities such as music, art, sports, culture, religion, education, and so on. The primary goal of Society registration is to provide legal status to Societies in India and to improve the Societies' overall legal situation.

In India, Society registration and operation are governed by the Societies Registration Act, 1860. A Society registration gives legal status to an entity or group of people working together not for profit but for the welfare of the general public to help the community.

Why is Society formed?

A Society is made up of seven or more people. Partnership firms, Limited Companies, foreigners, registered Societies, etc., can register for a Society in India. A Society can be formed for the following reasons:

  • Fine arts promotion.
  • Political education dissemination.
  • Donation of charitable assistance.
  • Science and literature promotion.
  • Military orphan funds establishment.
  • The upkeep or establishment of galleries or public museums.
  • The upkeep or establishment of reading rooms or libraries.
  • The promotion, dissemination, or instruction of useful knowledge.
  • Natural history collections.
  • Mechanical and philosophical inventions, designs, or instruments are grouped in collections.


Society registration in India

State governments are in charge of Society registration in India. So, the application for Society registration must be filed with the appropriate state authority. Society registration goes through the following procedures:

Name of the Society: The establishing members must first agree on the name of the Society before it can be registered. While finalizing the name of the Society, it must be ensured that it is not similar to the name of any other registered Society.

Memorandum of Association: A Memorandum of Association must include the following:

  • The Society's name.
  • The Society's registered office.
  • The Society's operational area.
  • The Society's goals and objectives.
  • Name and address of the governing body's directors, council, or other members.

Rules and Regulations: With Society registration, the rules must include the following information:

  • The Society's constitution
  • Subscription and membership.
  • Members' contracts termination.
  • Information about the Office Bearers.
  • Details of Office Bearers' responsibilities.
  • Income of Society and Bank Accounts.
  • Election, audit, and meetings of Society.
  • The Society's dissolve.
  • Resolution of Legal Disputes.

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Society Registration - Get Expert Advice

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Society Registration Frequently Asked Questions

A Society may be unregistered or registered. A registered Society, however, gains legal protection and becomes eligible for government benefits. A Society that is registered gets the following advantages: • It becomes a distinct legal entity. • It can obtain funds from outside sources. • It can take advantage of income tax exemption. • Can buy, sell, rent, or lease any type of property, borrow money, and enter into contracts. • Can open a bank account in the Society's name.
Documents required for Society registration • PAN card • Address proof • Memorandum of Association • Rules & Regulations of the Society • List of all the members • Declaration of society president • Bank Statement • Aadhaar Card • Utility Bill • Driving License • Passport The above-mentioned documents should be submitted to the Registrar of Societies. The registrar will issue an Incorporation Certificate and assign the Society a registration number after properly vetting the documents.

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Get Free Consultation on Society Registration

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