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Trademarks help your customers in recognizing your brand. Trademarks are important because they distinguish your company's products from those of your competitors. When you register your trademark you get the exclusive right to use it on your products or services.

Any product name, business name, name of the individual, abbreviations, numbers, words, images, symbols, monograms, colors, shapes, slogans, etc. can be trademarked.

At Credence Corporate Solutions, we help you in registering your trademark.

If a corporation or individual wants to protect their logo from third-party abuse, they must go through the trademark registration process. Trademark registration provides you the legal ability to sue a third party if a trademark has been infringed upon.

Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years only. After that, it can be renewed on an as-needed basis.

Trademarks are any word, symbol, number, shape, logo, monogram, or color that distinguishes a business or firm's goods or services from those of others. Trademarks are significant since they distinguish your business items from your competitors. “Trademark” is the legal phrase for "intellectual property".

A trademark registration gives you the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with your products or services. It is crucial to register your trademark since it stops others from imitating your mark and misrepresenting your products as theirs.

Trademark registration in India is handled by the Comptroller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks, which comes under the Government of India's Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Trademark Act of 1999 defines a trademark as a mark capable of being expressed graphically and capable of identifying one person's goods or services from those of others and may include shapes of goods, colors, and packaging.

Trademark registration is done by Credence Corporate Solutions with the offer of trademark services like Search for Trademark, Trademark Registration, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Assignment, and so on.

Trademark Registration - Get Expert Advice

Trademark Registration - Get Expert Advice

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Trademark Registration Online In India Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain things you should consider before going for trademark registration in order to avoid future complications. These are: • During trademark registration, you must ensure that your selected brand does not infringe on the trademark of another person. You should avoid having a similar trademark in the same classifications as the other person's goods and services. • Ensure that your trademark is used correctly because it is the mark that consumers use to identify your goods or services. Incorrect use of trademarks could ruin your reputation.
Name: Any product name, business name, name of any individual, or surnames can be trademarked. Celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan have trademarked their names. Abbreviations or numbers: Trademarks may consist of abbreviations, letters, or numbers like ‘555’, ‘IBM’. Alphabet or Word: Alphabets or words can be trademarked. Trademarks of words are ‘Apple’, ‘Whirlpool’, ‘PHILIPS’, ‘AMUL’, and so on. Others: Concepts like images, symbols, monograms, colours, shapes, slogans, etc. can be trademarked.
The below mentioned can apply for trademark registration: • An Individual (Person) • Joint Owners • Legal Entity • Proprietorship Firm • Partnership Firm • Trust or Society
To get exclusive rights to your trademark, you must register it. Registering a trademark gives you several benefits. They are: Exclusive rights: The registered trademark owner has exclusive rights to the trademark. He is the only person who owns the trademark. Trust and goodwill: Trademark registration fosters customer trust and goodwill. The quality of your products and services is known through your trademark, which fosters customer confidence and goodwill. Product differentiation: Registering your trademarks distinguishes your products and services from your competitors. Trademarks provide your product a distinct identity. Recognition to the product: Customers associate the quality of a product with the brand name. A trademark establishes the quality of your product. Protection against infringement: A trademark provides infringement protection since no rival or other person may use the wordmark or logo that you have registered as a trademark. Promotion of goods and services: Your brand helps customers remember your product. Registering a trademark promotes your products and services. Enhancement in sales: When a company's customers associate the name of the brand with a feature of a product or service, the company's sales increase. This contributes to increased market sales of the products.
Trademark registration is a detailed process. Trademark registration necessitates the submission of appropriate documentation. If you want to register a trademark, you must provide the following documents. • Name, address, and nationality • List of products and services • Trade Mark Entity (Whether an individual, start-up, or small enterprise) • PAN Card • Certificate of registration • Brand Name & Logo • Signed Form – 48 When a trademark application is registered, the applicant can start using the TM symbol on products or services. If the trademark is registered, the candidate places the R symbol over it.
A trademark registration expires after 10 years. After the expiry, it can be renewed again for another 10 years. A trademark identifies your product or service from the products and services of others. It is a one-of-a-kind method of promoting and exhibiting your products. Credence Corporate Solutions can assist you in registering your trademark. So, if you're looking to register your trademark, we'll be happy to assist you.

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Get Free Consultation on Trademark Registration

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