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Fruit Products Order (FPO) is a fruit product certification mark that is required on all processed fruit goods sold in India. To start a fruit processing business in India, the firm needs an FPO license. According to the FPO license, all fruit-based food products must be manufactured according to the prescribed specifications and guidelines and meet the quality standards for human consumption.

All processed fruit goods sold in India which include packaged fruit beverages, fruit jams, crushes and squashes, pickles, dehydrated fruit products, and fruit extracts, must bear the FPO mark. The FPO certificate ensures that the product has been manufactured in a hygienic environment, following quality control requirements, assuring that it is fit for human consumption.

The criteria have been in effect since 1955 when the Fruit Products Order was passed. Only after the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 did the FPO mark become mandatory. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries of the Government of India is the agency that creates standards for FPO and grants the mark.

Necessity of FPO

The objective of the FPO is to regulate the fruits processing industry in India. The FPO's goal is to regulate sanitary and hygienic conditions in the production of fruit products. It has been introduced to check that food product is manufactured hygienically, and specific quality standards are maintained efficiently.

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FPO Mark Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprises who obtain an FPO certificate will reap the following benefits: Hygienic conditions: The FPO certificate ensures that the product has been manufactured in a hygienic environment. Customers are more likely to use the products of an enterprise that has an FPO license. Fit for consumers: An FPO certificate ensures that the company is following quality control requirements and assures that the product is fit for human consumption. The license enables customers to have faith that the food is made to the stipulated standard. No legal issues: Acquiring an FPO license ensures that the manufacturers of fruit-based products meet all the legal standards. Having a license under this Act verifies that the organization follows and works in line with all of the FPO standards. Builds trust in customers: Potential customers regard an enterprise with an FPO certificate as more trustworthy. For clients, the FPO accreditation establishes the company's trustworthiness.
To stay in business, all food processors must hold an FPO license and follow the rules. All food processing enterprises that deal in the below-mentioned products can obtain FPO accreditation. • Synthetic beverages, syrups • Dehydrated fruits • Synthetic pickles • Squashes, crushes • Chutneys • Preserved, candied, and crystallized fruits • Jam, jellies and marmalades • Frozen fruit • Canned and bottled fruits and pulps • Canned juices • Sweetened aerated water • Fruit cereal flakes
The following are the specific requirements of the FPO: • Requirements for containers and labeling • Poisonous metal restrictions in fruit products • A list of food colors that are safe to eat • Preservative limits in fruit products • Other acceptable additives
The FPO license establishes guidelines for maintaining hygienic conditions in the manufacturing facility, its surroundings, and the staff and workers involved in the process. Every fruit product manufacturer who receives an FPO license must adhere to the terms and conditions of the license. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this Act will be considered a violation of the Act, and the license will be revoked.
At the time of applying for FPO certification to the Ministry of Food Processing in India, the following documents are required: • Product name • Applicant name • Company name • Company address • Product sample
FPO certification can be obtained online. The application for FPO necessitates correct documentation and filing. If you want to get an FPO certificate online then Credence Corporate Solutions can assist you. Contact our experts today and get your FPO certification online.

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Get Free Consultation on FPO Mark

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