Kosher Certification

Kosher Certification

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Kosher Certification - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

The term ‘Kosher’ means any food which is considered clean or fit to be consumed as per the Jewish tradition. Kosher Certification is a method, by which an organization ensures that their food or product used fulfills all the requirements of the Jewish law.  A food item or beverage can be called Kosher certified if each ingredient used therein, colorants, food additives, equipment, process, and methods are fully compliant with the kosher terms.

The Kosher certificate is an internationally recognized document that is issued by different certification agencies, which fulfill the biblical principles of the Jewish religion. This certificate is required for the countries, in which there are Jewish communities demanding kosher products. Kosher certificates are applied by organizations that deal in the slaughter of animals and salting process, fish, canned food, preserved foods, milk, and eggs. Also, the business that uses preservatives and dyes, and fiber of animal origin also require this certificate. Kosher certified products are usually marked with a Kosher symbol.

Benefits of Kosher Certification

The term kosher refers to the method food is prepared as per the Jewish law, and it is becoming very popular around the world. Having a Kosher certification for your organization or business offers you certain advantages which are as follows.

  • Kosher Certification will help you to expand your market
  • As a result of certification, customers will gain trust in your products and services.
  • The demand of the organization will increase as a result of certification.
  • Products and services are used and consumed by a large number of non-Jewish people around the globe.
  • Kosher means a quality symbol for many people, so having a Kosher mark will increase your customers.
  • Kosher Certification enhances the quality of food to global standards.
  • There are people with special dietary needs, such as lactose intolerant or vegetarian or lactose intolerant can definitely use or consume kosher products which satisfy those needs.
  • You will open up a world of opportunities, by making the decision to produce kosher certified items in your organization or business.
  • This certificate offers you opportunities to tap into a global kosher food market

Kosher Certification - Get Expert Advice

Kosher Certification - Get Expert Advice

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Kosher Certification Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for online registration to get a kosher certificate, then Credence Corporate Solutions can help you. Our professional experts process the application thoroughly at every stage from right from submission to completion, to ensure that Kosher certificate registration is completed as quickly as possible. There are several steps required in the Kosher certification process which are: • To get started with your kosher certification process, first apply for Kosher Certification to one of the Certification Bodies. You can apply for a kosher certification through offline or online mode. • A Rabbi, a spiritual leader, or a religious teacher in Judaism, will be assigned to review your application. He will guide you through the entire certification process. • You will be given a quote and an estimate of the cost for receiving a Kosher certification after the application review is completed. • A qualified Rabbi will visit your company, business, or plant for inspection and will check your operation and the possibility of certifying your products. After the inspection, he will file a written report. • After the facility inspection is completed and all norms for Kosher standards are met, a document for you to sign along with the payment details is offered. • Lastly, the Kosher Certification Body issues the Kosher Certificate to the applicant if the application and inspection report is satisfactory and the products or business fulfill the Kosher certification criteria.
Kosher registration requires applicants to submit certain documents which are as follows: • Company Details • Product Details • Names of all types of raw material used • Request for product approval • Production plant detail • Process of production detail

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Get Free Consultation on Kosher Certification

Get Free Consultation on Kosher Certification

+91-9910606389, 18001236389

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