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A Trademark Watch is a process of discovering if someone is registering a similar name, logo, or design. The watch is a proactive method to assist the trademark owner in enforcing their mark by responding quickly to any infringement or misuse of their mark.

Credence Corporate Solutions gives businesses a platform of Trademark Watch by giving notifications when similar trademarks are filed. Through its trademark watch service, the company also alerts businesses of any possible infringements and threats to their trademarks.

A trademark is a symbol such as a word, name, image, monogram, sign, etc, which gives a unique identity to a firm or a business. The first step in safeguarding one’s brand name is to register a trademark.  Once registered, it can be a valuable asset for a corporation because a trademark allows the company to project its distinct positioning to the consumers.

To have complete control, the company must keep a watchful eye on any potential attempts by other businesses or individuals to register similar trademarks. While the Trademark Registrar has its own set of procedures for trademark approval, this is insufficient to assure that no similar or identical brand names are registered. This is where the importance of a trademark watch is recognized. It keeps the company updated on any similar brand names used by other businesses or individuals.

During trademark watch, it is searched to ensure that no unauthorized use of the trademark is occurring. Through watching, trademark owners can keep track of any attempts to register trademarks that are identical or similar to theirs.

Trademark owners should keep an eye on whether their trademark is being used by others, as trademark infringement is common. It is critical that businesses monitor both the market and competitors, who may attempt to use and even register trademarks that are identical to the owners.


Trademark Watch - Get Expert Advice

Trademark Watch - Get Expert Advice

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Trademark Watch Online In India Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as your trademark is registered, you should activate the trademark watch service. The protection of a trademark, product name, or corporation entails a number of factors that necessitate far more than a basic registration procedure. A trademark watch service is required to protect your brand from infringement. • Trademark watch ensures that the trademark is safe from infringement or unlawful usage. A trademark is an asset to a firm, thus it must be assured that it is safe from infringement. • Trademark search looks for all relevant trademark registrations to discover trademarks that are identical or similar to other trademarks. • This type of watch looks for circumstances when a third party seeks to harm your trademark, as is the case with counterfeiting attempts. • Trademark watch looks for visual or phonetic marks that are identical or confusingly similar and so on. • A trademark watch service is one of the most cost-effective and simple solutions to safeguard your intellectual property. • Staying up to date on trademarks allows you to reply swiftly to any new registrations that clash with your protected mark. • Trademark saves you thousands of rupees in legal bills in the long run, as well as help you save time while preserving your precious intellectual property.
When you discover that another company is attempting to register or use your existing mark, you have a few choices that are only available through a trademark watch service. You can potentially save money by preventing an application from advancing with these alternatives. • Contact the person or firm who is attempting to use the mark. Talk to the firm owner and discuss the ways for him to withdraw his application. • You have the option of submitting a Letter of Protest to the Registrar. This will notify the examiner of the probable infringement and request that the application is rejected. • Filing a formal Notice of Opposition will be required. It will keep away the approaching registration from taking place.
Credence Corporate Solutions has a team of highly skilled professionals who study the market every day for any movement such as applications of identical or similar trademarks as yours that could hurt or breach your trademark. The team of expert officials here watches the clients' markets for illegal activities or situations that could lead to a conflict. In addition to this survey, our staff will advise you on the best measures to use in reaction to any infringements on your intellectual property. • To maintain continuous monitoring, we rely on a large network of contacts as well as cutting-edge technology. • We employ a combination of algorithms and technical tools to offer you activity reports and indicators identifying trademarks that may have an impact on your business. • Our bespoke trademark watch parameter meets your specific requirements. Our watch detects word meaning similarities, visual and phonetic similarities. • We have access to a database of all trademark filings. We keep monitoring fresh filings and catch the use of similar or identical brands. • You will get real-time information on any attempts by other firms or people to register similar trademarks, including those on other domains. • We give timely information so that you may take action to safeguard your intellectual property as soon as possible. • We provide cost-effective analyses with volume discounts and low-cost pricing. • Our easy-to-use interface lets you save and check your watch reports.

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+91-9910606389, 18001236389
Get Free Consultation on Trademark Watch

Get Free Consultation on Trademark Watch

+91-9910606389, 18001236389

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