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Patent Search - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

A patent is a sort of intellectual property that grants the owner the legal right to prevent others from creating, using, or selling an invention. A person or a third party may try to use the owner’s patent. In order to enforce their rights, the patent holder may sue someone who infringes on their patent.


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A patent provides legal protection for your inventions, ensuring that they are not utilized or monetized without your consent.

A patent is an exclusive right awarded for an invention that gives it a unique identity. Patents support the development of breakthroughs and new technology in all fields by rewarding ideas. A patent right gives the owner the legal right to restrict others from developing, using, or selling their invention without his permission. A patent registration assists in obtaining an intellectual property patent.

Before issuing a patent, an examination is performed to determine whether the product is innovative, unique, and industrially relevant. A patent check includes a scan to determine whether an already existing innovation is identical or similar to the applicant's invention.

One of the best ways to protect your patent from infringement is to conduct a patent search. In doing a patent search, you can also determine whether your invention is patentable. So, it is important to check the originality of your creation by going for a patent search.


Ways of patent search

Before filing a patent application, one should conduct a thorough patentability search to establish whether or not a patent for it is available. A patent search is a technique in which the applicant conducts a thorough search of patents.

A patent search can be done in the following ways:

•    Entering text characters related to the innovation can be used to conduct a patent search. Characters such as synonyms, spelling, and so on aid in discovering records that are related to the same technological field.
•    Chemical structures can be searched through a variety of databases that do molecule-to-molecule indexing of chemical structures.
•    A search can be conducted for patents that do not contain a certain term. These queries are about any specific technology.
•    The picture to image mapping search technique aids in the recognition of similar images.

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Patent Search - Get Expert Advice

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Patent Search Frequently Asked Questions

A patent search, also known as a patentability search, is the process of determining whether your invention is patentable. When a granted patent for a similar invention is in place already, the official patent offices have the right to reject your application. As a result, it is well worth checking the originality of your creation before investing too much time and money in it. A patent search searches granted patents and published patent applications for inventions that may be regarded as essential "prior art" references when filing for a patent. Prior art is anything in the public domain, whether patented or not, that can be used to determine whether an invention is exclusive or not.
The Patent Act of 1970 and the Patent Rules of 1972 control patents in India. An inventor conducts a patentability search prior to filing the application to assess whether the invention is novel and non-obvious. Novelty, collection, infringement, state-of-the-art, right-to-use, and validity are all available types of patent searches. There are numerous advantages to conducting a patent search. Know them below: • A patent search determines whether the applicant's innovation is patentable. • A patent search entitles the owners to the royalties on all patents granted to others. • A patentability search will frequently reveal prior art that demonstrates that the invention under consideration for the patent application is not novel, or that the invention is simply an obvious variant of what others have already done. • A patent search saves time and money by avoiding the creation of an innovation that has already been conceived. • Even if a patentability search does not establish that the invention is unpatentable, it almost always reveals information that will be valuable in writing a patent application. • Patent searches reveal whether or not someone else had the same concept as you. • A patent search determines if a firm's new product under development might infringe on any existing patents, allowing the company to avoid costly patent infringement litigation.
Patents are more than simply abstract ideas; they play an important and practical function in innovation. Patents are only issued for inventions that are novel and valuable. You can conduct the patent search yourself or engage an agent for doing so. Here are the steps involved in conducting a patent search: • If the patent search tool you're using has more complex search tools, such as semantic search, you can start your search with a relevant keyword. • While doing the patent search, look for patents that are similar to your invention. • Use the citations of prior art from the most relevant patents in your search to go deeper for other related patents. • Once you've identified the most similar patent applications and issued patents, you can broaden your search by investigating their forward and backward citations. • Examining the citations and prior art layer by layer might help you acquire the most comprehensive results.

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Get Free Consultation on Patent Search

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