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ISI - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

The ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution. The ISI mark is a standard-compliance label for industrial items in India. The mark guarantees that a product complies with the Indian standard quality check under India's national standards agency, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). ISI certification is required for orderly commercial growth and the preservation of quality in industrial production. The ISI mark guarantees that the product is safe to use because it was produced following with all quality and safety standards.

Firms that create a product and wish to demonstrate that it is safe for consumers having high-quality standards must apply for the ISI mark. If the product is approved by the BIS, it is granted an ISI mark certificate. Firms can use the ISI mark to sell their products in the Indian market.

Certain products, such as switches, wiring cables, electric motors, kitchen appliances, heaters, LPG valves, LPG cylinders, automotive tires, and so on, must bear the ISI mark to be marketed in India. ISI markings are optional for the majority of other products.

Companies eligible for ISI mark

BIS is authorized to provide product certification under ISI. ISI certification is primarily a voluntary one. Any manufacturer that is convinced that their product can meet the BIS standard can apply for product certification.

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ISI - Get Expert Advice

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ISI Frequently Asked Questions

Companies that sell products bearing ISI mark have the following benefits: • As this mark is awarded after thorough research, the quality and standards of products bearing the ISI mark are established. • The ISI mark on the goods gives a fresh impetus to standardization, quality control, safety, and reliability for Indian and global consumers. • For end-users who spend a large amount of money on products, quality is of the utmost importance. When a legitimate standard or certificate is present, the products are accepted for their trustworthiness, which boosts their market sale. • Products that have been examined and approved for quality appear to attract more customers and provide steady profits. • Acquiring the ISI mark indicates that a product has been extensively evaluated for quality before it is released onto the market for sale to customers. • BIS-certified goods ensure high-quality performance and unrivaled dependability. This is one of the most significant benefits of purchasing ISI marked products.
For ISI registration, companies need to possess the following documents: • Owner’s ID proof • Manufacturing unit's address • Registration certification • Raw material used • Machinery installed • Company's bank statement
An ISI mark certification is only valid for one year. However, it is possible to renew it further by submitting a renewal application.
It is fairly frequent in India to come across products with forged ISI marks. That is, industrial traders deceive clients by affixing ISI marks to products that have not been certified. Counterfeiting ISI marks is a crime under the law. Any criminal activity on ISI is a punishable offense. A consumer can file a complaint to BIS if they are dissatisfied with the product quality. In such a situation the competent authority will take serious action against the wrong-doer.
For applying for ISI mark, an applicant has to apply to the local BIS office. A BIS officer will then analyze the manufacturer's ability to produce goods by the category's standards at the factory level. Samples will be checked both inside and outside of the factory. If the evaluation is favorable and the product passes the testing, a license is issued and the maker is permitted to use the coveted ISI mark. Credence Corporate Solutions can help you with obtaining ISI mark for your product. Contact our office today to avail the facilities of online registration of ISI mark.

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Get Free Consultation on ISI

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