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Nidhi Company Registration Online - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

A Nidhi company is a company that carries on the business outcomes by adjusting and accepting the lending demand. It requires basic differences to work in the mutual benefits.

Nidhi Company is notified as to the Central government below section 620A of the company's act 1956. We are incorporated below this Act shall be a public company. We have a minimum paid-up equity share capital of 500,000, and we have no preference shares offered. This company is none banking finance firm that runs lending and borrowing with its member or shareholder. The company's object must cultivate thrift and saving amongst its members and collect a deposit from lending to its member-only for their mutual benefits.

 This company is well concerned with getting both lending and deposit of money. When you compare the process of registration with the NBFCs, which is more straightforward, Nidhi Company enjoys a lot with the taxation and annual compliances, invigorate the major caving and smart spending with its members. It collects the overall value of thrift between the members, and you can have transactions within the boundaries work for registered members.

 Nidhi company process of registration:

 Though the company process is easy to follow, you must support the experts who help avoid making some mistakes. You can fill it out and complete with comfort at all times and the option to get advice from the experts who are active to give a hand to fix all you're worried about. When you come to the government portal, which has hard language and makes things more challenging to fill out the form. Once you reach out with the help of the expertise from this company, you will successfully begin below the roof, and you need to fill out two forms, such

  • INC 9
  • DIR 2

 INC 9 – it must be filed by the major subscriber of the MoA

 DIR 2 must be filled by the major director of the company and need to sign by all the declaration according to the rules 5 and 6 of the Nidhi rules 2014.


 Benefits of Nidhi Company:

 Several people in the world need to deal with right financial services, but most of the company has a scarcity of capital, so people fail to take other steps. To come out from this problem, here the Nidhi Company brings out wide benefits to the customer. It has belt-tightening habit between their members, so it has helped to save and never face any difficulty during the financial wants which remain from time to time. Here is a list of the benefits from Nidhi Company Such As

  • Easy formation without any difficulties
  • Limited liability
  • High certainty value
  • Individuals’ legal entity
  • Few guidelines
  • Availability of funds
  • Meet all needs of lower and middle class
  • Ease of management

Nidhi Companies - Get Expert Advice

Nidhi Companies - Get Expert Advice

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Nidhi Company Registration Online Frequently Asked Questions

If you come to the document registration, each company has its norm and condition but key documents of Nidhi Company which are listed below • You must submit a copy of the pan card for directors • You must submit the identity proof of shareholders as well, directors • You need to give address proof such electricity bill • Both shareholder and director need to submit an Aadhaar card • You need to provide a rent agreement copy • You must submit a property paper copy
If you come to register with the Nidhi Company, you must make sure the eligibility, which is listed below • Minimum number of shareholders • Minimum number of directors • Capital requirement • DIN for director • NO issuance of preference share • Main objects
They are incorporated well in the nature of the public company. It is fully associated with regulation and do it depend on the deposit options.
Of course, there are certain registration documents needed to register for the Nidhi company. It is associated well with at least 3 directors and 7 members.
Yes, deposits in the Nidhi Company are absolutely safe and secure. It considers some framed rules to make sure about safety.

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Get Free Consultation on Nidhi Companies

Get Free Consultation on Nidhi Companies

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