ISO 20000-1 - Certification

ISO 20000-1 - Certification

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ISO 20000-1 - Certification - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

ISO 20000-1 is an international standard for IT service management systems. It identifies requirements for the service provider to establish, plan, operate, implement, monitor, maintain, review and improve the service management system. The prerequisites include the transition, design, delivery, and improvement of services to accomplish approved service requirements. It was developed by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 in the year 2005, and revised in the years 2011 and 2018.

ISO 20000 is an internationally recognized standard that portrays best practices for IT service management systems. It assists the businesses to assess how successfully they measure service levels, deliver managed services and evaluate their performance. ISO 20000 is adopted by companies to recognize whether their services are working and how they can be improved.

Steps to get ISO 20000 certification

ISO 20000 certification registrations can be done online. If you are related to the food industry and looking for an online registration then Credence Corporate Solutions can help you. Our professional experts process the application thoroughly at every stage, right from submission to completion, to ensure that ISO registration is completed as quickly as possible.  The process for ISO registration is as follows:

Gap analysis: It is an option which the company can take before assessment visits. This analysis helps to take a closer look at the company’s existing information security management system and evaluate it with the requirements of the ISO 20000-1 standard. It is a cost-effective process to determine if there are any sectors in the organization that need gap analysis before performing the formal assessment.

Formal assessment: This is a two-stage process. Firstly, the auditor will review the readiness for assessment of the organization by checking if the necessary ISO 20000-1 process and controls have been developed in the company. After this, the details of our findings will be shared with the company so that if any gap is found, the company can close them. Secondly, the auditors will evaluate the implementation of the procedures and controls within the organization, if all the criteria are met, to ensure that they are working efficiently as required for certification of ISO 20000-1.

Certification: Alter fulfillment of all the criteria, you will get your ISO 20000-1 certification, which will be valid for three years.

ISO 20000-1 - Certification - Get Expert Advice

ISO 20000-1 - Certification - Get Expert Advice

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ISO 20000-1 - Certification Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 20000-1 is best for any service provider, big or small, who desires to offer a guarantee in the quality of the services they provide. It is generally used for IT services, business services, and facilities management to help ensure successful and robust services in the changing service delivery environment of today. ISO 20000-1 Certification can be used by: • Companies in search of services from service providers need assurance that their service requirements will be accomplished. • Any organization that needs a constant approach by all its service providers, including those in a supply chain. • A service provider that aims to reveal its ability for the design, delivery, change, and improvement of services that accomplishes service requirements. • A service provider that measures, monitors and reviews its service management services and methods. • Any service provider that aims to improve the design, delivery, and improvement their services through the successful operation and implementation of the service management system.
This IT service management standard makes sure that a company’s service management system procedures are aligned with international standards, as well as the needs of the company itself. This standard assists companies’ to show how their managed services are carried out and how they can measure the service levels and evaluate their performance. There are several benefits of having an ISO 20000 certification which are: • Obtaining an ISO 20000 certification can help your business to improve its services, generate a framework for independent evaluation and reveal an ability to meet the needs of the customers. • It also offers your company a competitive advantage, as it shows your consistency and best quality of service. • Various organizations in the public sector need their IT service provider to be able to show their compliance with ISO 20000. This opens your company up to key markets that earlier they did not have access to. • ISO 20000 certification implements a considerable level of efficiency and a culture of continual improvement in your company. It does this by enabling service providers to examine, measure and review their service management procedures and services. • Obtaining ISO 20000 certification shows to your clients, suppliers, and stakeholders that your company takes a best-practice approach to the IT service management system. • Having ISO 20000 certification assures customers that their service needs will be fulfilled.

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Get Free Consultation on ISO 20000-1 - Certification

Get Free Consultation on ISO 20000-1 - Certification

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