FCC Certification

FCC Certification

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FCC Certification - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification mark is required for all electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States. It verifies and guarantees that the electromagnetic interference from the product is below the limit approved by the Federal Communications Commission. FCC issues the regulations on electromagnetic interference under Part 15 in 1975. After numerous amendments over the years, these directives were constituted again as the Declaration of Conformity and Certification Procedures in the year 1998.

Almost all products that can emit radiofrequency energy are required to be tested and certified before being launched into the U.S. markets. FCC is the independent agency of the U.S. government that controls the radiation standards of electronic devices or products. The commission makes sure that the electronic devices that are launched in the market are not emitting at frequencies that can harm the surrounding atmosphere, people, products, or equipment.

Products that require an FCC certificate

Radiofrequency devices that are distributed or sold in the United States are required to undertake testing to remain in compliance with the FCC’s standards under the EMC directive. Compliance Testing can help your organization get an FCC certificate for various types of radiofrequency emitting equipment like:

  • ?Electronic products
  • Wireless local area networking equipment
  • Mobile phones
  • Remote control transmitters
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Cordless telephones
  • Wireless medical telemetry transmitters
  • Land mobile radio transmitters
  • Power adapters
  • IT equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Devices and protective systems designed for use in potentially explosive
  • Electromagnetic compatibility products
  • Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
  • Atmospheres

FCC Certification - Get Expert Advice

FCC Certification - Get Expert Advice

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FCC Certification Frequently Asked Questions

FCC certification mark is given to diminish radio frequency interference level between electronic equipment. Their work is to guarantee that any electronic device must not interfere with other electronic products. Having an FCC certificate comes with various benefits, such as: • FCC certification mark on electronic products or devices ensures that the products are tested and certified by FCC and provides no risk. • The certification helps in increasing the sales of the electronic products of an organization. • FCC certification is beneficial for the safety of the public and the environment. • The FCC mark ensures that electronic products or devices meet the FCC standards and attracts clients to buy the products more than the products without the FCC mark. • It makes electronic products more credible in the global markets. • The certification improves the credibility of your equipment. • It will increase the value of the products in the eyes of corporate customers.
FCC certification registrations can be done online. Our professional experts at Credence Corporate Solutions process the application thoroughly at every stage, right from submission to completion, to ensure that the registration is completed as quickly as possible. The process for registration is as under: Choose Radio Frequency and Design Equipment: Know what frequencies are legally allowed for your devices by referencing the recent guidelines on radio spectrum allocation by FCC. Test during Development: Perform as many in-house pre-compliance tests during the development of the product. Register with FCC: Next, register with FCC to get a free FCC Registration Number (FRN). The number is necessary to get certification authorizations for the pieces of equipment that use the radio spectrum. Choose Test Lab: Contact an FCC-registered testing facility, once you get the FRN and grantee codes. Compliance Test: After you receive the FRN and grantee code, now you must deliver a production-ready prototype and its technical specifications to your laboratory partner. Certification and Filing: Telecommunications Certification Bodies (TCB) will evaluate the test documentation and issue your certification on behalf of the FCC, after completing the test.
FCC certification registration requires applicants to submit certain documents which are as follows • PAN card copy • Passport-sized photograph • Address proof copy • Two copies of the sales or purchase bill of the company • List of materials used in your production • Policy document relevant to the manufacturing process. • Results of the test showing the radiation readings of your electronic product.

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Get Free Consultation on FCC Certification

Get Free Consultation on FCC Certification

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