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Trademark grants the proprietor an exclusive right and distinguishes the products or goods from other similar products. It is a crucial means of advancing and displaying your product to customers in a distinctive manner.

You can use Credence Corporate Solutions premium services provided by qualified professionals to look for trademarks, register your trademark and affirm the successful completion of your trademark enlistment process.


Before gaining a trademark, it is critical of the businesses to direct a trademark search. When conducting a trademark search, the potential of whether a trademark is similar to an existing trademark is investigated. The results of a trademark search inform you of the existence of any similar brand names/trademarks that may be similar to your brand name/trademark.

The search for trademark panel will show a rundown of trademarks that have been enlisted, objected to, or abandoned, which will be used to settle on a choice on your trademark.


A trademark is a symbol, word, name, signature, shape of goods that have been legally registered or perceived as representing a firm or product. Trademarks, which are considered intellectual property rights, are defined in the Trademark Act, 1999 as a mark capable of being represented graphically and capable of distinguishing one person's goods or services from those of others and may include the shape of goods, their packaging, and color combination.

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a brand or a logo that you use to identify your product from competitors' products. A trademark is imperative in advancing goods and providing information about the product's quality. Typically, a trademark protects brand names and emblems used on goods and services.

Trademark registration is a legal process outlined in the Trade Marks Act of 1999. You can protect your brand or logo by registering a trademark that prevents others from using it. You obtain ownership of the logo/name/brand of your products by registering a trademark.

Search of trademark registrations

Trademark is a significant strategy of promoting and exhibiting your product to customers in a unique way. If you want to register your trademark, you should conduct a thorough search of current trademark registrations.

Credence Corporate Solutions has a team of professionals who can assist you with the trademark registration procedure. The company offers tailored solutions to the greatest advantage of your endeavor and promises you satisfying service. Here a group of specialists leads a starter search to check whether your trademark is accessible, or whether it has already been registered by someone else. Our team will handle the trademark registration process for you.

All the significant assignments identified with trademark search and analyzing the search results are provided. Our master group of experts determines the fitting class for your product/service and ensures that your application is sans blunder.

Even if you have registered your trademark, the trademark search tool is still valuable for you. After the registration of your trademark, it is also vital to safeguard the protection of your trademark rights. Our team of professionals protects your rights with trademark watch by routinely verifying new trademark registrations and providing you with constant information about any potential infringement.


Trademark is a crucial way of promoting and showcasing your products in a unique way to the consumers. Assuming you need to enroll your brand name, you should direct a careful search of current brand name enlistments. One of India's largest online corporate services platforms, Credence Corporate Solutions is dedicated to supporting experienced financial specialists and entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses. We provide high-quality services, from the business planning through startup, while adhering to all legal and regulatory standards. If you are looking for trademark registration, we will assist you in looking for trademarks.

Reach Credence Corporate Solutions right away to speak with our proficient consultants who will guide you in the best possible way.

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Search for Trademark - Get Expert Advice

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Trademark Name Search Online In India Frequently Asked Questions

The NICE Classification (NCL) is an international classification of goods and services used for trademark registration. The NICE Classification (NCL) divides goods and services into 45 classes. Before filing the trademark application, it is necessary to identify the Trademark Class since registering a trademark or name under a predetermined class provides protection exclusively in that category. Before filing a trademark application to register a trademark, it is by and large fitting to direct a trademark search. Continue reading to know the importance of trademark search. • The trademark search informs you whether an equivalent trademark already exists. If a trademark already exists then the newly applied trademark can be changed, or a new name might be chosen. • When conducting a trademark search, the potential of a trademark is similar to an existing trademark is investigated. The results of a trademark search inform you of the existence of any similar brand names/trademarks that may be similar to your brand name/trademark. • A trademark search will supply you with information on a registered trademark that you may not like to use. • When conducting a trademark search, a rundown of forbidden marks is presented to determine whether the brand name or trademark fits inside such prohibited characters. • If the brand name has a logo, a trademark search provides information and details on similar logos on the lookout.

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+91-9910606389, 18001236389
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Get Free Consultation on Search for Trademark

+91-9910606389, 18001236389

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