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A trademark helps in distinguishing your products and services from those of your competitors. To build a distinct identity for your brand, you must register your trademark.

During the trademark registration procedure, the trademark registrar may raise objections to the planned trademark if it violates trademark registration regulations and laws. Trademark objections can be raised for a variety of reasons, including similarity to an existing trademark, incorrect name, deceiving people, an application made in the wrong format, and so on.

In the event that there is a trademark objection, you must file an appropriate reply within one month of the day the objection was issued. Credence Corporate Solutions helps you in responding quickly to trademark objections brought by the examiner or a third party. The company will do all the response-related works on your behalf.

A trademark is a mark, logo, symbol, phrase, or other identifying feature of your goods or services. A trademark distinguishes your brand from those of your competitors. To build a distinct identity for your brand, you must register your trademark. A trademark registration gives your brand identity and distinguishes it from competing services or goods.

During the trademark registration procedure, the Trade Mark Registrar or a third party may frequently object to the registration of a trademark. One of the first steps in the trademark registration procedure is an objection from the examiner or a third party. The registrar frequently raises objections to the applied trademark during the trademark registration procedure if it breaches the trademark registration regulations and laws. In the event of a trademark objection, a complete reply must be filed within one month of the date of issuance of the objection.

The timely filing of a reply on trademark objections can help you save time, money, and your brand. If you fail to do so then there are chances that your trademark application will be abandoned. Check to ensure that your brand name does not come under the grounds for refusal. To minimize complications, you should thoroughly examine the brand name before filing the registration application. Credence Corporate Solutions can assist you with a response to trademark objections. If you have got objections to trademark registrations then do contact us. We'll be pleased to help.

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Respond to Trademark Objection - Get Expert Advice

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Respond to Trademark Objection Online In India Frequently Asked Questions

When a trademark application is filed, a trademark examiner evaluates it and searches for earlier trademarks that are identical or similar to the mark under consideration. The examiner may challenge the application on multiple grounds. The following are some reasons why an examiner may oppose to trademark registration: Similar trademarks: An objection might be brought if there are similar or identical trademarks of various trademark owners. Incorrect name: If the applicant does not enter the name accurately in the application, the trademark examiner may object to the application. Trademark class mismatch: Trademark objection may arise because the goods or services listed in the application do not belong to the correct trademark class. Imprecise specification: If the specification of goods or services is too imprecise or includes a wide range of goods and services in a class, the trademark registrar may file an objection. Inappropriate distinction: Trademarks that are incapable of distinguishing one person's goods/services from those of another are devoid of distinctive character and hence subjected to be refused. Deceptive nature: The trademark examiner may file an objection if the mark has the potential to deceive the public due to something inherent in the mark or in its usage. Non-inclusion of address: If the trademark applicant fails to mention the primary place of business appropriately, or fails to include the address for service, an objection might be filed. Inappropriate form: The trademark examiner will raise an objection if the trademark application is not made on the appropriate form. The application is made on TM-1 form. If it is not made on TM-1 form then it may face objection.
When an objection on trademark registration is lodged, you are provided adequate notice of the objection as well as the grounds for the objection. On receiving the objection, you must react to it and attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible. On receiving the objection you may respond in the following ways: • If you receive a notice of objection on a trademark, the first step for you is to thoroughly read and analyse the objection. • The next stage is to draft a trademark response. You should draft a proper response to the argument raised, with supporting rule of law, precedents, and judgement. You should provide supporting documentation and evidence to back up your response. • If your response is accepted, the application will be further processed for registration and publication in the Trademark Journal. If it is not accepted, a trademark hearing will be held. If the hearing results in a favourable decision, the mark will be accepted and published in the Trademark Journal. • After it is published in the Trademark Journal, your trademark will be open to review for four months. At this stage, if no third-party oppositions are lodged, the mark will be registered, and the Registration Certification will be issued to you.

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Get Free Consultation on Respond to Trademark Objection

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