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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration Online

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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration Online - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

Limited Liability Partnership is a leading legal business structure. There are several experts and professional companies such as accountants and solicitors who prefer to set up as LLP. But the structure will be a beneficial option for the various type of business. LLP is commonly different from other common traditional business partnerships, and it is well regulated by the different pieces of legislation and the LLP regulation 2001.


Limited Liability Partnership has a separate legal entity, and LLP is distinct from each other. This company has several different directors from the other company, and you do need to a minimum the capital. In such a case of companies, there must be a minimum amount of capital obtained by the company owner or member who needs to form it. If you come to start the LLP, you need to have minimum capital and fewer members. To begin the less amount LLP with two members at least. It has no limitation for the partners to invest and compulsory audit too, so it becomes more comfortable at all times.

Both private and public companies must, irrespective of their share capital, obtain their account audited, but if you come to LLP, there is no events requirement, but the LLP needs the audit, which is done when you need only. The contribution of the Limited Liability Partnership is to reach more than 25 lakhs, or the annual turnover of this LLP will reach 40 lakhs. Therefore you must go with LLP and give more comfort at all times. 


Structure of Limited liability partnership:

LLP is the legal entity from its members who can be liable for the overall cost they invest plus any personal guarantees. The partnership is incorporated at the company’s houses and is widely used by profit-making businesses to the next level. Partners need to offer the registered address for the business and remain a register of members. It has no limitation over the end number of the partner applicable, but there must be at least two members over the incorporation between people or limited firs. It is applicable to set up with one person and another dormant company.


Common structure of LLP:

The Limited liability partnership is the legal entity from its member who needs to be responsible for the overall money they invest and any personal guarantees. It is one of the flexible legal and tax entities that allow the customer to meet benefits from economies of scale by working together at the time of minimizing their liability for another partner's action. With the help of the legal entity, it is necessary to check the overall laws in the nation before having too excited. Even the partner must give a registered address for the business and maintain a register of members.


The common difference between LLP and other business structures:

The traditional partnership never obtains the same protection as LLPs. The partner will be held personally liable for debts by the business when it is not incorporated into this company. Even customers will develop the business with their partners rather than the partnership as an entity.


Let us know the common difference between LLP and limited companies:

Companies will limit by the guarantee meaning nonprofit companies and make use of the right structure. On the other hand, they are solely to make profit business to the next level. People can arrange a limited company and fulfill the role of shareholders and another director. The limited liability partnership needs to hold at least two designated members are taking care of the statutory filings and another legal requirement. But it has endless snubs of the common member.

As per the LLP act, it has a mandatory need, which is one of the LLP partners and must be India. Here the provision has a bed made for corporate action such as acquisition and mergers. At the time of the enabling provision in respect of winding up, it has a lot of the dissolution of LLP which has been obtaining the great details based on provided by way of rules below the Act. Here the ROC can register and control the LLP s. with the help of this act, and it provides full and dedicated rules for a limited liability partnership.


Limited Liability Partnership - Get Expert Advice

Limited Liability Partnership - Get Expert Advice

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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration Online Frequently Asked Questions

LLP is an option for the alternative corporate business, and it provides great benefits of limited liability to the company. It can split legal entity and completely liable to the full development of assets, but also the liability of the partners is limited to obtain contribution in the LLP. It has not optioned for liable on the account and never access unauthorized action of another partner. LLP has both corporate structure and also partnership firm structure of LLP among company and partnership.
LLP is a legal entity and corporate from its partners, and it has perpetual succession. The LLP maintain the overall annual account, and it reflects the true and fair view for all states of affairs. The LLP files both solvency and statement of account with the registrar of every year. Even the central government has the right to investigate the overall affair of LLP when it assigns an inspector for the process. Almost all LLP has at least two partners and has two individuals as designated partners.
If you come to invest money on this platform, you meet a lot of advantages, such as • It is simple to begin and control a business such as entrepreneurs • LLP never has a minimum capital requirement • LLP has no limit number of the owner of the business • It has a low registration cost when compared with other • LLP never need of requirement of compulsory audit • It has a taxation aspect • It has not DDT applicable to use Hope the LLP is most important for business people to earn more cash over it.
1. Obtain digital signature from the partners. 2. Apply for the DIN (Director Identification Number) which is necessary to become a partner in the LLP. 3. Apply for the name approval for the LLP registration 4. India Registrar of Companies issues the Certificate of Incorporation which is the proof for the registration. 5. File for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from NSDL.[10] 6. Execute a LLP agreement and file with the registrar within thirty days of the formation of the LLP.[11] 7. Company details can be checked on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Master Data Website.[7]
. ID Proof of Partners 2. Address Proof of Partners 3. Residence Proof of Partners 4. Photograph 5. Passport (in case of Foreign Nationals/ NRIs) 6. Proof of Registered Office Address 7. Digital Signature Certificate
Generally, it takes around 6-7 working days for Registration of LLP after completion of the all above requirements

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Get Free Consultation on Limited Liability Partnership

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