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In general, a public limited company is mainly considered to be a business that can be owned by shareholders and managed by directors in a most extraordinary manner. The public limited company is mainly able to offer expected shares to the public.

It is also listed on the stock market and most importantly required to be public and more open about its details when compared to the private company.

The Public Limited Company or the PLC is based on the company structure mainly suitable for your business. Compared to the other structure, it is much more efficient for the business to easily separate the entity of owners who are offering protection from the debt or liabilities.

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These are a suitable option for easily giving better aspects. Under the process, the company needs to have a minimum of 7 members. There is no limit, and it is quite an efficient option for acquiring the maximum numbers, even at any time, without any hassle.

Public Limited Company mainly collects the capital with sale of share with buying shares such as members. Amount collected is called the share capital.

Shares of the company would be transferable freely so that they would give you prior consent of many numbers of shareholders.

The liability of members is limited to the number of face value that the share is owned.


When you are looking to avail of the registration, then Credence Corporate Solutions is ready to provide you the complete superior benefits to excellence.

  • The company raises capital through share sales.
  • Raised capital to fund expansion
  • New opportunities
  • Publicity increases brand awareness
  • Listing on the stock market increases company reputation
  • Increases value
  • Capital is used to pay off debt
  • Sense of transparency
  • Improve customer perception


Public Limited Company mainly enabled with more benefits compared to the Private Limited Company. They mainly have the ability to activate more numbers of members. It would be a suitable option for ease in transfer on shareholding with better transparency. Whether you are planning on raising funds from Initial Public Offer, then you could easily help to start the business by easily incorporating the Public Limited Company.


Public Limited Company is established for generating capital from external sources. For example, the general public mainly starting the business, technological advancement, business expansion, and many more are also involved in the process. The Public Limited Company mainly features the following that includes the

  • Shares offered by the Public are easily transferable
  • Highest corporate structure to start with
  • Claims to part of company’s assets and profits
  • Have a number of members
  • Easily transferable shares in Public Limited Company


Public Limited Company would be based on Company Act 2013 so that they would have the limited liability with offering the better shares for the general public.

These are mainly stocks acquired by anyone, such as the initial public offering or IPO or using the trades on stock markets. When a company separates the legal existence as a member, it would be quite an efficient option for composing more aspects. These are mainly providing the complete formation, working, along winding the activities.

We at Credence Corporate Solutions are ready to provide you the complete guidance on activating the Public Limited Company.

We provide the entrepreneurs to get Start-up services along with getting the best Taxation solutions. We at Credence Corporate Solutions is the one-stop business for easily providing professional such as the

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Company Secretary


Our team of experts mainly has vast knowledge as well as experience. We at Credence Corporate Solutions is committed to offering the complete customized, consistent and workable solution across all sector that includes Taxation, Labour Laws, ROC, and many more.

Public Limited Company - Get Expert Advice

Public Limited Company - Get Expert Advice

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Public Limited Company Registration Online Frequently Asked Questions

The Public Limited Company is mainly based on Company Act 2013 and limited to that of liability. This Public Limited Company provides shares for the general public, and stock can be acquired by anyone.
Under Company Act 2013, the Public Limited Company has limited liability as well as gives better shares for the general public. These are mainly enabling stocks could be acquired by anyone. o Separates legal existence o Collects capital by the sale o Limited Liability of member of a company o Shareholders of the company do not have the right to participate
A public limited company is a form of business organization that operates as a separate legal entity from its owners. It is formed and owned by shareholders. Shares of a public limited company are listed and traded at a stock exchange market freely. Shareholders of a public limited company are limited to potentially lose only the amount they have paid for the shares they own. So, some advantages of a public limited company are; 1. Led by Board of Directors Public limited companies are headed by a board of directors. The composition of the board of directors is set out in the company’s articles of association. 2. Limited Liability Shareholder liability for the losses of the company is limited to their share contribution only. This is what makes it a separate legal entity from its shareholders. 3. Number of Members A public limited company has a minimum number of seven shareholders or members and a limitless number of members. It can have as many shareholders as its share capital can accommodate. 4. Transferable shares Shares of a public limited company are bought and sold in a stock exchange market. They are freely transferable between its members and people trading in the stock exchange. 5. Life Span A public limited company is not affected by the death of one of its shareholders, but her shares are transferred to the next of kin and the company continues to run its business as usual. In the case of a director’s death, an election is held to replace the deceased director. 6. Transparency Public limited companies are strictly regulated and are required by law to publish their complete financial statements annually. This ensures that they reveal their true financial position to their owners and potential investors so that they can determine the true worth of its shares. 7. Large Capital Public limited companies enjoy an increased ability to raise capital since they can issue shares to the public through the stock market.
Looking to register your company as a Public limited company? Registering your company as a private limited company is difficult as the procedure is complicated and involves many compliances. Do not fear as our experts can help you in every of the private limited company registration. Instead of reading through the entire registration process, you can avail our expert service. 1. Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)* 2. Obtain DIN* 3. Name Availability 4. Form SPICE INC-32 5. MOA and AOA 6. PAN and TAN Application
Public Limited Company is mainly public so that anyone can buy shares from the company. Private limited companies are popular business structures and give more features.
No obligation for businesses is required to become public. Businesses become public limited companies when they are well established along with a solid management structure.

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