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Permanent Patent

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Permanent Patent - Process, Procedure, Document Required, Fees, Eligibility, Duration

A patent is an intellectual property that gives the inventor the legal right to prevent any individual or entity from producing, using, or selling his invention. A patent protects inventions by prohibiting them from being used or monetized without the permission of the inventor. Any patent is valid for a maximum of 20 years.

Credence Corporate Solutions, with its highly trained professionals, helps you to get a permanent patent. Our professionals will assist you in preparing documentation and filing the permanent patent application.

A patent is a monopoly granted to an inventor to restrict others from using, selling, proposing to sell, or importing the invention. By rewarding innovations, patents foster the development of breakthroughs and creative technology in all industries. A patent grants the owner the legal right to prevent others from developing, using, or selling his invention without his consent. A patent registration makes it easier to get a patent for intellectual property for the inventor. The patent holder has the right to sue anyone who sells, grants, or licences the innovation in violation of the patent.

The applicant must register their patent in order to have absolute ownership of it. A patent search is performed prior to registering the patent to determine whether there is an existing innovation that is identical or similar to the applicant's creation. Prior to filing a permanent patent specification, the patent holder may file a provisional patent application. The patent holder has 12 months to file the complete specification.

Key pointers of a patent
•    A patent grants the inventor the right to restrict others from using, selling his invention. 
•    A patent registration gives intellectual property rights to the owner.
•    The patent holder can sue an individual for trying to sell, grant, or license their innovation. 
•    A patent has a validity of 20 years. 

Patent search
A patent search determines whether an existing innovation is identical or comparable to the applicant's creation. A patent search will also reveal whether or not the invention is patentable. If a patent for a similar invention has already been issued, the official patent office can reject the inventor's application. As a result, conducting a patent search is a necessary step in obtaining a patent.
Provisional patent application
A provisional patent application may be filed by a patent owner prior to the complete patent specification. Following the submission of a provisional specification, the patent office allows the inventor a 12-month opportunity to submit the permanent specification. The patent application will be deemed abandoned if the permanent patent specification is not filed within 12 months. The inventor may use the 'Patent Pending' or 'Patent Applied' tag after filing the provisional patent specification.
Patent registration
The process of registering an innovation by filing an application with the relevant authority is known as patent registration. If a patent is issued, the inventor will have a monopoly on his or her innovation. A patent registration facilitates the acquisition of a patent for intellectual property.

Permanent Patent - Get Expert Advice

Permanent Patent - Get Expert Advice

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Permanent Patent Frequently Asked Questions

A patent grants the owner the legal right to prevent others from developing, using, or selling his invention without his consent. Inventions that are patentable include the following: • A brand-new and innovative innovation. The innovation should be able to build or design new things. The development should never have been developed, done, or used in the past. • An invention that is both practical and useful. The invention should be helpful, profitable, or beneficial to the external environment. • Anything that is legal or legitimate. It should follow the rules, be correct, or be considered proper by law. The legal concept regarding the patent should be acknowledged. • An invention that is valuable or suitable for industrial use.
Patents are governed in India by the Patent Act of 1970 and the Patent Rules of 1972. There are numerous advantages to patent registration. They include: Exclusive right: The patent registration grants the patent holder the authority to ban others from using, selling, offering, or importing his patented inventions. Sue for infringement: When a patent is registered, the patent holder gains the legal right to sue for infringement if someone attempts to exploit the patent without his permission. Increases market credibility: When an invention is patented, the value of its brand increases. People are willing to pay a premium for a brand that has a patent registration. Monetary advantages: The patent is a precious asset to the inventor, and it has the potential to create significant monetary rewards for him. The owner may license, assign, or sell the patent as needed.
A patent protects the inventor’s inventions by restricting them from being used or monetized by a person or an entity. Applicants require several documents for filing a patent application. This includes: • Patent application in Form 1 • The invention's title • Name, address, contact information, and nationality of the applicant • The invention's description • The invention's technical features • Certificate for MSME or StartUp India
The patent filing method has been streamlined and available online with Credence Corporate Solutions. Patent registration is essentially a technique for documenting an application to enroll your invention under the Patent Act. Application of Permanent Patent is filed in the following way: • A patent search would be conducted for any existing innovations based on the idea that you are attempting to patent. • The patent is drafted, and then the application paperwork is filled out. • The Patent Office will review the patent application to see whether there are any existing patents granted on similar ideas. • If the innovation is deemed to be one-of-a-kind, outstanding, and patentable, a patent will be issued. • When a patent is awarded, the status of the application is updated online at the Patent Journal.

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Get Free Consultation on Permanent Patent

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